Atlanta's #1 Real Estate Wholesaler

Welcome to Goldmine Properties

Welcome to Goldmine Properties

In 1996, Mike Cherwenka started renovating and selling wholesale real estate in the Atlanta metro area. To date, he has flipped more than 2,550 homes.

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As Atlanta's First Full Service Fix and Flip Wholesaler, our services include:

  • Find you a deal @ 70-80% of after repair value (includes purchase price and repairs)
  • Assist in financing the purchase and repairs
  • Assist in providing project managers and contractors to complete the repairs for you
  • Stage, List and Sell your renovated home

WATCH CLIPS BELOW FROM OUR REAL ESTATE TV SHOW, AMERICAN DREAM! A few weeks before the COVID-19 quarantine, Tolla and I decided to do a real estate lifestyle show that is new to the Southeast. This show, American Dream, is available on Roku, firetv and Apple TV.

2nd Addition Printing Available Now!

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The much-anticipated book is available now!

In The Art of Becoming a Multimillionaire Real Estate Investor, the Godfather and First Lady of real estate, Mike and Tolla Cherwenka, reveal the secrets behind their success in fixing and flipping houses.

Using an array of personal examples and stories, the Cherwenkas detail six key steps to obtaining your real estate goals. Whether you have investing goals of flipping one house per year or two per week, this guide will help pave your way to reputable real estate success. It teaches you to:

  • Have an unbreakable focus
  • Get money (good or bad credit/money or no money)
  • Find the right property
  • Stage it so it sells
  • Sell with large returns

The Art of Becoming a Multimillionaire Real Estate Investor offers an informative, enthusiastic, and realistic look at investing in real estate. It includes both psychological and practical advice to help you overcome your fears and resistance to taking on the challenge as well as the nuts-and-bolts knowledge needed to act and succeed.